ZeNIT Events Center sessions with Junior Pappa & Dj Antonio

ZεNIT Events Center Turning your vision into reality A stunning new broadcast from the Green Key award winning Zenit Events Center. Located at the top of Paradise hill, the sister venue of Cavo Paradiso offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Aegean sea. Zenit Events is world-renowned for organizing the most outstanding exclusive events in Mykonos. The beautiful and unspoiled natural setting and the year long good weather with it’s 300 days of sunshine are some of the reasons so many tourists flock over to experience the authentic Cycladic island and it’s lifestyle. ZεNIT events center can cater for a wide range of private or public events such as conferences, exhibitions, art, fashion and social events in all weather conditions. The central indoor hall is surrounded by two spacious and beautiful terraces and it can be used in conjuction with the rest of the venue or as a stand alone space depending on your specific needs. Our experienced and qualified team is here to tailor the venue according to your requirements in order to create the event of your dreams.

ZeNIT Events Center:

Website | https://www.zenitevents.com/

Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/zenitmykonos/

Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/zenitevents/


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